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Pleated & Duette Blinds

With growing competition within the hospitality industry and with architectural trends changing, pleated blinds are fast emerging as a demand in the hospitality sector and modern housing. To give our clients in these fields the best, Louverline has partnered exclusively with Blöcker of Germany to manufacture the Cosiflor® brand of pleated and Duette blinds. These blinds are made up of fabrics from transparent via semi-transparent to opaque offer a choice of more than 100 colors and designs.

Cosiflor® is the undisputed market leader in pleated blinds across Europe. They are acknowledged as the masters of interplay of light and shadow.


Their greatest strength is their versatility. Be it round, half-round, angular, operated from the bottom to the top, no window poses a problem for Cosiflor®. Places that often need to be somewhat darkened but may occasionally need to be completely blacked out; Cosiflor® is quite simply designed with two materials with different degrees of transparency (semi-transparent, dim-out and black-out). Word on the street is that these are most preferred by the creative sorts who treasure privacy.


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